• Trains: 15
    • Pieces: 515
    • Traincars: 357
  • Graffiti and Trains are in a relationship bound by activity that generally avoids the everyday life of most people. While there are murals and graffiti that cover cities, there is an impermanence that persists. The trains allow for a more peculiar existence for the pieces. While the mural, tag, and wheat pasted walls have aesthetic power, their association with a particular place many times evolves to erode the expressive tendencies from which the pieces emerged in the first place.

    Graffiti is ultimately about the expression of the ignored, the outcast, the lost and the looking. Those whose need is to communicate in an honest and direct domain, where the canvas pulses with the energy of their own existence. Many lives revolve around the trains themselves as both artists and crews navigate the very gallery they produce on. The scale in both size and reach, both spatially and to an audience, is much larger than a piece of paper, a pixel on a screen, or the side of a building.

    A Passing Canvas is an effort to digest the many works traveling north and south, from a single point in Austin, TX. I will be benching, the act of viewing graffiti on trains, the trains moving between Mexico and Canada.

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